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00 Oi wanker
You are a wanker!!!
0 Oct 27 '16
11:27 am

00 i watched you last night
Your a wanker
0 Oct 21 '16
03:17 am

00 i watched you last night
Your a wanker
0 Oct 21 '16
03:15 am

00 bawbag
Fuck you cunt
0 Oct 21 '16
03:06 am

00 oi oi
hello there
0 Sep 04 '16
10:01 am

00 Parasite
Dear wanker, you are beyond lowlife. I credited you with being just a hippy asshole but you've shown your true colours as something far nastier. To take advantage of a someone's misfortune for your
0 Aug 26 '16
09:37 am

00 You - are a wanker!
On behalf of someone you know I have great pleasure in letting you know that you are a WANKER. Yep. I don't know what you've done but someone you have pissed off has come along to www.youreAwanker.c
0 Aug 26 '16
09:10 am

00 We are coming for you
HI Wanker, watch your back, we know what you are doing, do you really think people are that stupid?
ganda32016@gmail.com this is the account of a wanker, spam, con artist.
See you soon.
0 Aug 25 '16
08:04 am

00 CoH
Hello Fella,
Just to let you know I have had enough of playing CoH. I just can't get to grips with it and feel I am always letting you and Rob down. Rob said the other day that you were really anno
0 Aug 23 '16
07:25 am

00 Hi in response to you enquiry about car
2.0 TSI SEL 5dr DSG 7 Seater Auto (2015)
62921 Miles
2.0 Sharan SE Long Wheelbase TSi Petrol Automatic,Full Supplying VW Main Dealer Service History.F
0 Aug 20 '16
10:11 am

00 Interested
Hi, you sound like fun and i would defo like to meet you for some fun in your bum action. Love the stories you write, i never knew how versatile fruit could be LOL!! Let me know when you're available,
0 Jul 29 '16
12:35 am

00 Advert
Hi, Can you contact me please in regards to your advert. I am also into that type of thing although i've never tried it with whipped cream like you. I'm eager to learn from the master and also serve y
0 Jul 29 '16
12:21 am

00 Meeting
Hi Big Boy, you still offering out the famouus Pierrepont handjobs??? Would love to meet this weekend if you like?
0 Jul 27 '16
04:02 am

00 i phone for sale. £250 smashed
Your no getting your phone back.
I'm sending it to my cousin in India.
Ha ha
0 Jul 26 '16
04:30 am

00 meeting
We can't have him coming down , he is a wanker ,
0 Jul 24 '16
05:01 pm

00 meeting
We can't have him coming down , he is a wanker ,
0 Jul 24 '16
04:58 pm

00 Coming for you
Mate, I am coming for you. Watch your back!
0 Jul 19 '16
04:52 am

00 Oi Go get some mcflurrys
Go get me a mcflurry Gandu
0 Jul 18 '16
08:52 am

00 You are a WANKER!
You are a fucking wanker.
I hope you die a slow painful death you cold hearted fucking cynic.
You love to put people down and to take the piss but you are nothing but a CUNT.
0 Jul 18 '16
03:59 am

00 Danny Boy you small cocked anal loving ass bandit
Saw your profile on BigFatGayCock Danny - want to meet up? local to RG4?
0 Jul 13 '16
02:32 pm